Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Us vs. Raccoons

We have those miserable destructive creatures, raccoons, making nightly visits to our garage, through the cat door. They pull everything off the shelves to get to the dry cat food container, spill it all over the floor and then s*** all over the garage. Last week we contacted a pest control business, and they started on Monday setting have-a-heart traps. So far no joy. It is complicated, as we have to shut the garage cats up at night so they don't get caught in the traps themselves, and they are all pretty wild, of the four only one will let me pick her up, and that's probably because at 15+ years she's too slow to get away. Then we have to spring the traps in the morning before letting the cats out of their (garage) prison. I saw part of "over the hedge", an animated movie about suburban wild animals, and the main character is a raccoon, which I did not find amusing whatsoever.

Only one more chemotherapy cycle (as far as I know now) scheduled for next week. My hair is now more fuzzy as it grows in -- I call it my tennis ball hairstyle. The second wig I got, where I went to a store rather than ordering from a catalog, is much more comfortable and a better color match. It is a sort of long shag style. I still flinch when I catch a glimpse of myself, with or without the wig. I have a sort of phantom sensation that my hair is still there. I feel like it is brushing against my face or neck, for example, and then when I put my hand up I find nothing but fuzz. Weird.

I have been e-shopping some lately, as I don't have the energy to go to the mall. My latest find is a new quilt for the bed. Nothing like lying in bed for hours staring at nothing much to reveal the tattered-dy bits of the bedroom decor. I did scrub the bathroom to high gloss last week, I was sore for two days afterwards, but boy did I appreciate it the next night as I was on the floor "worshiping at the porcelain throne" so to speak. I need new throw rugs in there, I found.

The only topic left to explore here is the weather, and I will spare all of you that. (It's hot.)

A thought for the day:" People are more violently opposed fur than leather because it's easier to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs."


Dina said...

Sorry about the raccoons. It sounds stressful. They can make such a mess.

I'm glad you found a comfortable wig. How long will it take your hair to grow back to a reasonable length...I mean one in which you don't feel you need the wig?

It's great that you dug up some energy to clean; although I hope you didn't tire yourself out too much.

Are you able to get any help with cleaning ever?


Raccoons looks so damn cute.I didn't realise they were such a pest.A bit like possums over here I think.

I think I could have fun with wigs, but I also think I'd be very self conscious about them.

All I can think of with the cleaning is the same as with arthritis fatigue, pace yourself and set time limits,even if the jobs not finished.

hope you've seen the last of the pesky raccoons