Friday, June 24, 2011

I vant your blooood

I had to get two units of blood transfused last week, it took 5 hours, but I feel a lot less tired for now. (I've donated blood lots of times, but I never thought I would need some myself.) White cell count really low too, I'll probably get a bone marrow booster (Neulasta) for that next week. From what I read online, it can be pretty grim for a few days afterward, but I don't want to get an infection and have to be hospitalized. Meanwhile the advice is for lots of hand washing, staying away from people with colds or the flu, washing/cooking food thoroughly, and staying away from crowds. That pretty much rules out trips to WalMart on several levels.

My hair is growing in and so I have this fine white crew-cut all over my head. I hate it, and try my best not to see myself in mirrors.

But all in all the chemotherapy is going pretty well, with only minimal nausea and so forth. And the insurance is now covering 100% of costs, as we have met the catastrophic limit for out of pocket. Yay! Just as an example, the two units of blood + infusion came to $1500. I am really really grateful to Blue Cross.

Bumper sticker of the day: "There's no time like NOW to postpone doing stuff."


Dina said...


Glad your insurance is covering everything now!

I'm also glad the blood transfusion is making you feel less tired.

Hopefully, you'll manage to stay away from germs.

Sorry about your hair. Will it take a very long time for it to grow back to a reasonable length?


yat for the insurance,but i'm guessing that means you've had to fork out a lot yourself first.

the transfusion sounds like a great pick me up,thogh 5 hrs urgh...

its so hard to stay germ free,but the handwashing and staying away from the great unwashed as they say,sounds like a plan.

hopfully you will get some lenght to your hair soon and be able to dye it that wicked red again

stay well my friend :)