Friday, February 04, 2011

Miserable Weather

Actually, the title above doesn't actually mean the weather here. In fact it is a balmy 27 degrees here, almost swim weather, while the rest (it seems) of the nation is still digging out from the Blizzard Of The Century. The Armageddon of Weather. The End of Days. The weather channel was beside itself with excitement, a chance to provide vital intel on an honest-to-goodness calamity. I personally found it tedious.

When I was in college (waaaayyy back then) there was an Inuit in my chemistry class. This was in South Carolina, and he couldn't get over how we bundled up for what was to him shirt sleeve weather. And he could be seen dashing about campus in shorts and t shirts. It's all in perspective I guess.

I've been doing the candle making thing lately, and I can't believe how something so easy provides so much delight. And luckily I have found someone at R's place of work who burns lots of candles daily, and is more than happy getting some of mine. Which is good, because I am paranoid about leaving a candle burning when I am not sitting right there watching it, I know if I leave the room the thing will go up like a torch. I also keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen (where I melt and pour the candles), and in my bedroom where most of them are burned. Right now I am in the dining room and keeping a wary eye on the one burning on the table. But the result is, supply vastly outstrips consumption. I'll put a photo down below of some of them.

Bumper sticker of the day: "When I snap you'll be the first to GO"



i think we should give everything to God


the cnadles are lovely,do you use soy wax?