Friday, February 25, 2011

Home again

I came home yesterday from the mastectomy and today I feel somewhat better. The incision is hideous, Frankenstein looking, and itches fiercely even though right next to the incision it is completely numb. I see the surgeon later today to get the drain out, hopefully.

Maybe this is too much information for all of you.

So let us see... I managed to get my laptop computer infected with a damned virus. It will boot, but all that works is the bogus virus screener which infected the computer in the first place. I had been surfing on the topic of prosthetic devices for the boobless, and stumbled on this virus. Now I am afraid to surf again because I don't remember the actual infected site. I'd like to kill the author of this malicious thing, starting with their computers.

The weather here has turned windy and overcast with showers and snow showers, and temps back to to the 20s, after a teasing 60 degree for a couple of days. The wind right now is truly whistling in the trees, I feel like I should cue the music from a Lon Chaney film, dum, dum DUM.

C is over his cold, so it is safe for me to hug him again. R was a real trooper on surgery day, keeping C informed and tracking down my clothes, once I was in my room. The hospital has recently been completely renovated and all the rooms are private, thank god. It allowed me to go to pieces as need be. The nursing staff was great, even the custodians were pleasant. I got the feeling they didn't hear "thank you" very often. The doctor wanted me to go home the day after the surgery, but I held out for one more night. I hadn't even been to the bathroom without help, and I told him my bathroom at home is a fair distance from the bed, and there are no grab bars either. I think he and the nursing staff felt I was malingering but that extra 24 hours made a big difference. Now N has shampooed my hair in the sink, and I feel fairly OK. My insurance company had approved a 5 day stay, so I didn't think 2 was very excessive. And anyway, I'm not trying to impress anyone with my stiff upper lip; wimpy is my forte.

The cats have been extra attentive since I am home, desperately wanting strokes and scratches. Apparently they have been all out of sorts with each other, especially in my bedroom. I hope now they revert to their usual laid-back behavior. So far they have also been good about not walking on me.

I don't know if this is a fairly common thing or not, but in going through the mail that has accumulated I found a lovely tasteful brochure for -- you guessed it-- a funeral home, stressing the need for pre-planning. Isn't that a little weird? Most of the other trash mail was catalogs of spring gardening. They always seem to arrive on the snowiest coldest day of the year, covers all brilliant in red and yellow flowers and enormous shrubbery. Which somehow is never what our garden results are.

I also found a big brochure on Hawaiian Cruises, and I am definitely keeping that at hand.

Bumper sticker of the day: "If you lived in your car you'd be home by now!"


Dina said...


I found your blog via the I Wasn't Blogged Yesterday Blog.

I'm sorry you're going through the breast cancer thing. I hope the surgery went well, and took the cancer away.

You have every right to feel wimpy. If you can't feel wimpy when getting major breast surgery, when can you feel wimpy???

The funeral home mailing....very morbid and weird. Maybe they send it to everyone who has a hospital stay. Hopefully your cancer will go into major remission, and you won't need the mailing for many decades.

Sorry you got the computer virus. Goodness. I guess breast cancer wasn't enough? Should your house get termites as well? Why do bad things always happen in clutters like that?

Anyway, I'm going to follow your blog. You seem to have an honest and humorous way of approaching things. I like that : )

Lisa said...

Best wishes in the coming days, weeks and months~ and know that many of us are crossing our fingers for you, even though we don't know you.

So sorry that you are dealing with such a difficult trial. Of course, there is opposition in all things, but I find myself wishing I could just learn from "other" people's problems. Such is not the case.

You must be an incredible woman to be given such a challenge. Be strong.

Dina said...

I just need to add...A few minutes ago I was going through our junk mail. There was something from a funeral home!!!

lyndylou said...

Hi, I found your blog via I wasn't blogged yesterday. My sister has just been through her treatment for Breast Cancer and her hair is now growing back.

I myself had cancer, and was given 6 months to live. Twenty years later, I am still causing mischief!

You will have good days and bad days. My advice is to just roll with them and take each day as it comes, don't look much further cos you will falter.

Hang in there

Nari said...

I found your blog via I Wasn't Blogged Yesterday and wanted to wish you a speedy recovery, lot's of down time to get weepy and cranky, my own stiff upper lip for when you need it and the willingness to accept the compassion, affection AND assistance from those around you, including the cats.

cube said...

I also found your blog via IWASN'TBLOGGEDYESTERDAY...

Wishing you a speedy recovery.


Hey redhead, brought you some visitors, I know ,you're thinking "what to do with all these flowers?"

Nope not too much info :) Have been wondering how you are.
Home next day??? I'm glad you malingered another day just for the pain relief and nursing care ! I would have definately malingered,feigned some ailment or dunked the thermometer in my tea to stay a little longer..Dina is right about the wimpy LOL

urgh the computer virus sucks,its not like you were surfing porn...

the funeral home mailing... maybe you are feeling wickedly morbid and its a coincidence or maybe you are on a list somewhere.
We bought a plane ticket for Bali a couple of years ago(through travel agent) and we were bombarded with life insurance and funeral plan brochures and letters!My guess is coincidence :) Imagine having the job of making that list...theres story in there.

and awwww sounds like the cats missed you .

anyhoo, hope it all went well,you have more up days than down and you're being fussed over at a point, there is such a thing as being tooo fussed over,so you want to shout leave me alone godamit....but if youre anything like me they'll see THAT coming a mile off :)

On My Soapbox said...

Hello! I popped on over here via your bloggy buddy "iwasntblogged yesterday". :-) Your situation is almost identical to my mum's. She did not have chemo or radiation after her bilateral mastectomy, and she is still kickin' (and screamin') 25+ years later. Hang in there!

Bub said...

I've come to your blog via I Wasn't Blogged Yesterday and wish you a speedy recovery from your surgery. My mum had breast cancer five years ago, also went through surgery followed by chemo and radiotherapy and has come out the other side.

I second what lyndylou said - take each day as it comes.

SkippyMom said...

I too am over from I Wasn't Blogged Yesterday and thought you could use a little smile. :D [How's that?]

I was sorry to read that you had cancer and had to have surgery, but from reading your blog you have handled it admirably and with a lot of bravery! I don't know if I could do that.

I wish you a speedy and comfortable recovery - and will pop back around to check in [I am a follower now] to see how you are.

And if you get to the point that you can't sleep you are more then welcome to come over and visit me. It's like Sominex of the blogworld, guaranteed to bore you to sleep.

Take care and if you need an ear or an email just contact me - I am around all the time. Sometimes it helps to talk.

::gentle:: Hugs to you.