Sunday, August 16, 2009

Here I go again...

Everytime I think I am on the track to regular posting on this, something rises up and smacks me and I am weeks getting it all together again. No picture this week. I can't figure out how to download the photosfrom the Nikon to this pc computer, where the typing is easier because it is a desktop, although the Macbook never even blinked, it started iPhoto and click, there they were. I usually download to both computers, otherwise the thumb drive gets a workout and I get annoyed that even being on the same WiFi network, I can't figure out how to get them to communicate. This originally arose from wanting to share the printer on the desktop, but Apple says the computer is not Mac compatible. When I printed out a picture on the Mac recently, I just carried the Mac in here, plugged the USB cable into the Mac and bingo! I had a printer for the Mac. Would that everything were so simple.

The reason I haven't been posting, if you care, and why should you? is that I have been involved on a near-daily basis with trying to get the mats out of Raven's sheep-wooly coat so the undercoat won't cause heat prostration. No wonder she is immune to the cold! Finally we resolved that she will become a Lab on the bottom half and a Newf on the top half of her body, and I broke out the Oster A-5 clippers. These are good clippers, I use them on the horses to trim legs, chins, ears and so on, and I used a new blade. But even the clippers couldn't cope with that mess. We had just let it go on too long without combing her out. So I finally took a deep breath and ordered an Oster Clipmaster, which is one bad boy clipper. It's about a foot long, fan cooled, and is made for the "professional" and can and is used to shear sheep. Haven't tried it yet because it is so damn hot (94 yesterday) we brought the dogs inside where they can lay on the cool tile floor in the kitchen until the heat abates, usually around dusk, when they go to the barn for the night. And damned if I clip in the kitchen. Just the stuff we got off her neck and hindquarters filled a paper grocery bag, and it felt like cashmere. If only it had smelled better. Any way, that was when we realized she had a UTI, so off to the vet to lay out another $200. Antibiotics for two weeks, three giant horse pills, because she weighs 127 lbs. We hide them in hot dogs. That works. Mostly.

Today's bumper sticker: "National Sarcasm Society". And then, in smaller print, "Like we need your help."

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