Friday, July 10, 2009

Low on the Fourth


One of our dogs, Maggie, the 135 lb. Newfoundland, has damaged her hips/spine/something. On Saturday, she was dead lame -- paralyzed in her rear legs. We manhandled her into the car and took her to the vet. They X-rayed her entire spine and bowel (because she wouldn't eat either) did a full blood workup, and checked the movement and sensation in her limbs, for soreness in her belly, the works. $538 later we knew nothing more than when we walked (staggered) in the door, except having ruled out -- what? We took her home with pain meds and stomach soother, and gradually she has gotten better. Still a little stumbley, but better. She has also formed a deep and abiding love for homemade boneless chicken, which we will soon have to eliminate and get her back on the old dog food, poor thing.

I couldn't help but remember last July when we lost our mare Blondie, who also started out lame and got worse. Maggie is even being kept in the same stall, so she and Raven won't get to roughhousing. It is an eerie coincidence, I hope.

I bought a set of cordless phones on ebay, and after 12 years of buying/selling there, I think I have been stiffed for the first time. Paypal is looking into it, and I have my fingers crossed, because I would rather have the phones than go through the pain of another search, trying to locate the top model that Consumer Report recommends. Maybe they will come today (ho ho).

So below are the photos of my cupboard of Feista ware, and a comparison the Pfaltzgraff Wydham pattern I used to use. Quite a difference. People here in WV are nuts about Fiesta ware, I guess because it is WV made, by the Homer Laughlin Co. It is really durable, and several of the local restaurants use it as well. I know it has been whacked a good bit by us, not quite used to the weight of the pieces.

Bumper Sticker for today: "Everything I say can be fully substantiated by my own opinion"