Friday, July 03, 2009

Just call me Stumbles Into Open Doors

Wednesday was a bummer. I went to an evaluation for LASIK surgery and did not qualify -- cataracts. He recommended instead having lens replacement BUT my cataracts are "not that bad yet" so the Insurance will not Pay. So I guess I will wait and see just how poorly my vision will be in another year. Damn.

Sold another book on Abebooks. Maybe some day I will break even there, but for now I am slowly whitling away on all our books. Many many more still to go on the inventory. You can click on Abebooks logo over there ----> if you want to browse them.

Tuesday we drove down to the Fiesta Outlet store in Flatwoods and picked up a few new pieces. I would try to find them on eBay, but the dishes are such heavy stoneware that it costs a fortune to ship them, AND they are mostly "retired colors" and I bought 7 different contemporary colors (Scarlet, tangerine, sunflower, peacock, ivory, shamrock, and cobalt blue, if you are interested, and why should you be?) One of these days we will make it to Newell, WV, where Fiesta is made, just for a look.

The other china we had was Pfaltzgraff, which Fiesta wins over just in spelling, don't you think? All 300 pieces are in storage, while I figure out what to do with them. Now if the kids would just move out...
Will post a pic of the Fiesta brightening up my cupboard soon.

I figured out why most of my house plants are/have croaked. Brown scale, probably brought in on a small cactus ages ago. Slowly winning the war on them, at least for a few of the rarer plants. All a colossal pain to do, wiping down every leaf and stem with alcohol and then spraying multiple times with malathion. Maybe I'll show you a photo of the dastardly invader.

Bumper sticker: "Honk if you think I'm a great driver". The silence has been phenomenal.

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