Sunday, June 29, 2008

What's new?

Well, let's see what is new these days.
Golf--Why does it look so easy on TV, and so hard when I'm just trying to look like I know what to do? If I could get the drive right, I don't care if it only goes 100 yards. Already my thumb hurts and my knees are creaking. At least a new pair of golf shoes are on their way. Everybody else has shoes that resemble sneakers. Mine resemble old lady orthopedic shoes..

Dogs--Man are they strong. They have gotten out twice, going under a gate where the dirt has been pounded down. Zoom! Once we had to go after them, and once they appeared on the front doorstep, pleased as punch with their romp. Maggie just turned one year old, Raven is 17 months. Raven weighs 110 lbs, and Maggie is taller, longer, and has better conformation (Raven is pigeon toed in the back), I'd guess her weight at 130 or so. They are greatly enjoying the pool, although I think 76 is MIGHTY cold. They are in desperate need of some firm basic obedience work, most likely with a trainer. Nothing elaborate, just, say, walking on a lead without ripping my shoulder out of its socket?

The weather continues to be thunderstorms with hail and torrential rain. Then it will be overcast, the humidity so high I can squeeze water out of the air. Also, the bug season has scarcely begun, and already I have to use my teeth as a bug screen when I drive the Miata with the top down.

We celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary on June 6th, it hardly seems possible. I heard the story of a couple who decided to invite two other couples to celebrate for all of them their long-standing marriages. The party was all planned, but before it happened, the other two couples got divorced! Ya just never know...

We've been watching the sci-fi miniseries "The Taken". Never saw it when it originally aired, but from snippets here and there we decided it looked interesting. My only problem is, if we go too long between viewing the episodes, I lose all track of who is who, given that it is a four generational cast, and younger versions don't much look like their older characters, it's confusing. But good.

Sleepy sleepy. Have a safe weekend, and stay away from those bleepity bleep Fireworks stores. Talk to any ER doc or nurse if you still think they are harmless.

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