Thursday, June 05, 2008

Just as I am

Can't seem to shake this headache, it even wakes me up at night. I went to the driving range yesterday, and did OK for someone with two golf lessons. It was a lovely day, but the club swimming pool is directly behind the driving range, and I couldn't help thinking how good the water looked, and how much fun the swimmers were having. Today I feel like I've been rode hard and put up wet.

Update: back at the old homestead, torrential downpours (RED on the weather channel) have completely swamped the driveway and are beginning to fill the garage. The ditch/grate in front of the garage door is barely running. The floor drain inside the garage can't keep up. Once the garage water gets to the inner door, it rapidly floods the entire downstairs, so three of us are out there in a monsoon, bailing water out of the ditch and pouring it down the street. Finally get that mostly under control BUT the downstairs bath...... 3 inches deep in water. Coming in under the walls, under the tub and shower, and rapidly goes beyond the door and into the carpeted bedroom. It is now nearly 3 am, I have a huge fan and heater blowing on the carpet, after blotting up gallons of water with every towel and throw rug we own. The bath itself got partially mopped, before the mop head snapped off, cheap made in china crap.

I have 4 laundry baskets filled with wet towels and throw rugs, and so of course, the dryer, which worked fine yesterday, now refuses to produce any heat. So tomorrow it's out to a laundromat before Monster Mildew sets in. See what a great life I live?

So anyway, on the blog "" , I'm posting a "Just as you are" photo, lying here in bed with the laptop. Can you tell how lovely my beamish face looks, after therapy for rosacea, and laser removal of yukky spider veins? No? Ah well, another conceit blasted away. Well, can you tell that I am suicidally depressed? No? Just goes to show ya......

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