Tuesday, April 08, 2008


All the horses are mostly full-haired, the dogs have shown great restraint in that they have not eaten any of the trash blown into the barn area, the cats are all bright eyed and bushy tailed (especially since all the windows are open now). So I will cross my fingers that this may be a month without a massive vet bill. Especially since this is the month for Uncle Sam to get his outrageous payoff. Don't you think that if a taxpayer making regular payments/deductions still owes money for last year, that when they obligingly send it off, they should get back some token from Uncle? I mean, I donate to several charities, and I'm always getting address labels, notepads, and so forth from them. Surely Uncle could send us, say, a bookmark? It could include a list of all the foreign companies that have contracts to sell to the U.S. materials and equipment that used to made here, before outsourcing drove all the manufacturing capability overseas. It could be laminated, so it would last.

Bet they could get them made cheap. In China, of course.

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