Sunday, November 25, 2007

rubik's cube

Remember I mentioned that I am trying to sell a bunch (thousands) of our books before we have to build an addition just for books? Well, one of them I posted a couple of days ago was "the simple Solution to Rubik's cube" and originally sold for $1.95 in 1981, all 64 pages of it. When I listed it, I did a price comparison on it, and to my amazement, the cheapest one sold for $25. I priced mine at $20 and sold it the next day. Isn't that amazing? I know they still make the cubes, but I haven't seen a solution book in a long time, and I guess the cubes are still just a frustrating now as then. Weird.

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andrena said...

hmmmmm...why didn't I think of that? I just gave away a box of old books on a freecycle site!

darnit! always the last one to know something!

have a great day!! :-) found you on the 'plosion.