Thursday, March 29, 2007

We Match!

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I never realized that casts were contagious. Little Raven got in the way when the guys were unloading hay into the barn, and got a 50 pound bale dropped on her. We rushed to the vet (on a Sunday, of course!) and the xray didn't show a break, but in puppies, with all the growth plates in the radiogram, it is hard to tell. So, splint and wait for a week; and meanwhile she can no longer sneak up on the cats. Hearing her walk in the kitchen from downstairs sounds like the sound effects from a horror movie, SCRRRape, thud, SCRRRape, thud. Now she has to be carried outside AND inside, and she has gained 10 lbs since she was 8 weeks old, she now weighs 29 pounds, at not-quite-12 weeks old. Needless to say, I'm not the one doing the carrying. My ortho doc says, no signs of healing, come back in two more weeks, and I am discouraged to say the least. The only saving grace is that I don't have to work anymore. But this surely isn't what I had in mind for me OR the puppy when I retired.

Right now there are other sound effects; there are 5 guys on the roof doing a lot of pounding, as they replace the roof. They do not have complimentary things to say about the last roofing effort, but then, have you ever known a workman to say, "Hey, those last guys did a heckofa job, we really can't do anything better"? No of course not. Anyway, after we get a few good rains and verify that the damn dining room ceiling isn't leaking, they will come back and put up new drywall on the ceiling and re-plaster. Hopefully it will match, but even if not, it will be a big improvement over the hole and brown stains:

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Sigh. We've been in this house 25+ years, so I guess you have to expect some fairly major upkeep along the way, but it feels like it's a big hole into which we throw money. Worst of all right now, is that with me laid up, the cleaning is not getting done, but I just look the other way and promise to do a real job of spring cleaning on it once I am mobile again. I've never enjoyed the role of nag, and the kids and N have enough to do as it is. My main interest right now is getting OUT! Just a little cabin feverish, you know.

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