Saturday, March 03, 2007

Puppy Mom

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Above is the photo I took a few minutes ago. There are inherent problems with photographing a solid black dog. They may be clearly defined in the viewfinder, but simply put, they don't reflect as much light as, say, a tan dog. In my film camera, I can use the backlight compensation (+2 for instance), but my simplistic digital camera doesn't. So as I get my film processed, I ask for a CD, and from that I'll uplaod a better pic.

Getting a new puppy is more work than I remember from 20+ years ago. The whining at night, the housebreaking accidents, the necessity to put everything UP above nose height (which will get higher and higher as she grows!), it's all a constant struggle. Garbage cans. Kleenex. Shoes. Candy wrappers. The only saving grace is knowing that, unlike babies, puppies grow up really fast, and in 6 months the worst will be over. I shall endure.

As for the cats, the youngest one has hidden in a back bedroom for the last week, but the others are getting pretty blase about the pup. Mind, they too recognize the value of getting up high. Fortunately, she is unable to use stairs, so they can go up when she's down, and vice versa.

We named her Raven. She's 8 weeks old today, and weighs 18 pounds.


Ea said...

how cute.. i've got our own puppy too! she is damn crazy cute! ^_^

Shaye Walsh said...

Cute dog! When you get a chance, can you email me? I've got a couple dog related questions for you.