Thursday, March 15, 2007

Need a carpet cleaner

The puppy is a lot of fun, don't get me wrong. But although she seems to feel OK, it is also true that in the poop department, she has no equal. We took her to the vet for anti-diarrheal meds, and then in the end taking her back for the vet to keep for two nights and give her anti-spasmodics, sedative, and so on, to get on top of this thing. She is home now, and seems to be much improved, so we are back to trying the housebreaking game again. I guess it is a foregone conclusion that all the carpets will eventually have to be cleaned. Meanwhile, we make daily use of the SpotBot we got a year or so ago (mainly to clean up cat barf stains). It works great, too great in some cases, leaving a clear light area amid a more dingy background. Isn't pet ownership fun?

In a related topic, I've been taking a bunch of photos, not surprisingly. What was surprising was that among our many many cameras, 35mm, 110 and

I stopped right there to get ready to go out for an appointment.

I started downstairs to get my purse and coat.

I fell on the stairs and broke my ankle.

it is now evening on the 15th and I am in bed with my leg in a cast propped on pillows. I broke this same ankle 10+ years ago, just the tip of my fibula, but after 5 months it hadn't healed, and I had surgery to have two screws inserted to hold the fibula in place. The doc today told me good news, the old break is well healed and the screws look fine; the bad news is there is a spiral fracture of the fibula just above the screws. He sent me to an ortho doc, who said he was fairly sure I wouldn't need surgery for this break, but I'm to come back in a week so he can xray it again. I feel really down, since I am diabetic my bones are slow to heal, and I remember the sheer misery being one-legged caused me in the past. No walking the dog for me, just as she gets to where she frolics instead of gluing herself to my leg. I have to ask for help at every step, can't drive (right ankle) and our house being two stories means I am either up or down, and whatever I want will be on the other floor.

Feeling down doesn't begin to cover it.


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