Thursday, February 08, 2007

TA DA! We have a kitchen!

OK, the kitchen is done. The entire job: vinyl floor replaced with ceramic tile; painted; new curtains and border; new corian (tumbled glass) counter tops with new corian sink. Doesn't seem like a lot, put that way, but it took nearly 6 weeks. We used the original cabinets, but I cleaned them with steel wool and re-stained where necessary.

So here is a photo showing a bit of the floor and up to the border
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Here is the other side of the kitchen
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And here is a close-up of the sink and counter
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And this is the view of the other corner, showing the new pantry/door.
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The kitchen is actually 11' x 11', but the side not shown is just one tall cabinet between the reefer and the freezer, not too interesting.

These were all taken with the MacBook's on-screen camera.

What a huge relief; my dining room is still not quite recovered, but frankly I ran out of energy. Tomorrow.....

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Carolyn said...

I really like your kitchen! I'm partial to that tile too. Your cabinets look great as well. Great job!!