Monday, December 11, 2006


Today is my LAST Monday at work! I saw both my psychiatrist and my therapist earlier today, and they both remarked on how upbeat I sound today.

This weekend, I rounded up a batch of photos from our 2001 vacation to the Carribean, scanned or uploaded them to the MacBook, and began arranging them into an album. It's a small start on the photos, which include 36 years of our photos, all of my mother's, my mother-in-law's, my paternal grandmother's (she was a flapper in the twenties and some of her photos are a hoot!)and including various portraits and cabinet cards handed down from WAAAY back. Some of the cabinet cards are from the Matthew Brady studio in D.C., where my grandmother's parents lived. And many of them have no names on them, grrrr.... Of course the people who had them originally knew who they were, but now I am clueless. In some cases, I have simply guessed and in others I'm making them up, because after all, who is there to contradict me? And so my children and so on will have a lovely photgraphic legacy to pass along. I find it so sad when I find old family albums for sale in antique shops, to me it means there was no one left who cared, no one at all, to keep them in the family. The same with family Bibles, I would KILL (well, not really)to have a family Bible to clarify my genealogy searches. When I watch Antique Road Show, I marvel when I hear someone say, "Oh, this belonged to my great-great (X5) grandfather, my father left it to me." I mean, the main thing my parents left me were debts and furniture from Sears; oh yeah, and old photos....

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Salihah סליחה صالحه said...

"I mean, the main thing my parents left me were debts and furniture from Sears; oh yeah, and old photos...."

LOL!! Surfed in off blogexplosion... that comment cracks me up. That's my parents too. Hey, look on the bright side...if we hang on to that cruddy Sears furniture, in 300 years it might be worth something on the Antiques Road Show. I wish!

(another psychiatric patient!)