Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Splotch, aka Moby

We lost one of our cats a few days ago. He was fine the night before, eating, washing the face of his sister, playing with his catnip sock. In the morning we found him in the living room, dead, no sign of a struggle or illness. He was only 8, but a very large (over weight) cat. We miss him so. It doesn't seem fair that our companion animals live only a fraction of our lifespans. Taking one into your home and being bound with heartstrings to them is only setting yourself up for the day when they are gone. And yet we do it over and over again. In 35 years we've had 13 cats, 4 of which we still have, some of them living well into their teens. It still grieves me, and the ones you love the best seem to be the fastest to go. We had a Siamese that loved to play fetch with crumpled paper, bringing it back to you to be thrown again and again. If you ignored her when she brought it back, she would pick it up off the floor and lay it in your lap. If you still ignored her she would put it on your chest. If that didn't succeed, she would climb up on you and very gently take your chin in her teeth and hold on, sort of saying, I know I shouldn't bite, but could you PLEASE throw the paper? So funny....I miss them all.


Carolyn said...

I am so sorry to hear this. It is true, the one's that are the healthiest and funniest are the first to go for some reason. But we keep taking them in and loving them.

We had a cat born with a snaggle tooth and one eye missing. She had a heart murmer and vet said she'd die if she had kittens or surgery for spay, and predicted she wouldn't live over a year at the most. She urged us to put her down as a kitten but I said let her live what time she has. Well, "Peepeye" had a litter of kittens, was spayed at 1.5 yrs. of age, and hung around for 4 more years after that. You never know. We miss her too, but have a shelter cat and a stray now to love, although Peepeye is still in our hearts.

God Bless you!

Comfort Addict said...

My wife and I have had dogs ever since 1995, the year before we got married. We lost one relatively quickly but now we have three great ones. It's hard to imagine losing one of them. I know that I'm going to feel awful.

Those without pets don't understand how pets become like family. This is especially true for us since we don't have any children.

I'm adding you to my Blogroll so I'll be visiting. Keep up the good writing.

Chris said...

i hate hearing about animals dying ... how depressing!!