Monday, November 15, 2004

I'm OK, You're OK

Well, it occurs to me that I could be writing and posting something that is never seen by another living soul. How weird is that thought? I remember when...(here we go again) (shuddup) the only web sites were .edu ones and .gov ones, and you'd have to remember the address because web browsers didn't have bookmarks--in fact, there weren't any real web browsers as such until Netscape came out--it was all ftp this and text-only sites. So now anyone can post blogs like this, and it's there for the entire world to see--only no one does. I know one site where 14,400 people have logged into a page to view a --toothbrush. How weird is that? I 'm using this blog as a sort of diary (not to be confused with dairy, which is altogether messier) and as a sounding board to--who? I haven't made any attempt to tell friends or family about it, it's "MY" little secret. If someone actually reads this, could you post a comment to that effect? Just so I know. If I knew how to post one of those counters, I'd do that, just to see if anyone at all stumbles across this accidentally.

The gorgeous fall season is all but over and the winter grimmers are soon to start. That's when it's dark in the morning on the way to work, dark on the way home, and cold and dreary in between. At least I have a window now, it's way up high with only a view of the sky and the tip-top of a tree outside, but hey, I worked for years in basements with only power outages and fire drills to look forward to, times when you could legitimately hang outside for a short while. In comparison, this is nirvana. I actually have my own office too, not 'sharing' with 3 other people or more, so I get to choose the wallpaper, color theme, screen saver and so on for Windows, woohoo. It's even a new Dell inspiron laptop, not some old piece of Pentium II crap that no one else wanted. Yep, I'm walking in tall grass these days. I got a raise last month, and I work with nice people too. I see my old (bastard) boss from time to time and I smile smile smile, just to think I don't have to put up with his tantrums and eccentricities anymore. I get to take a week off for Turkey Day and time off from Dec. 22 to Jan. 3rd without having to come in AT ALL. I feel giddy just thinking about it, such a change from the last 30 years. I may even take a vacation this spring, just since I can.

Now, if I could get past all the crazy stuff, my son could get a job, either my son or my daughter could provide me with my inalienable right to a grandchild or so, I'd allow as how the future might even be worth waiting around for. ("Where are you all from?" the southern belle asked the snooty Yankee lady. "Somewhere where we know not to end a sentence in a preposition," she sniffed. "Alright then, " replied the belle, "Where are you all from, bitch?") Anyway, I'm doing my best to hang in there long enough to be problem for my children, bless their pea-pickin lil hearts. I plan to spend all their inheritance and then some, if I can, and I'll enjoy every last dime of it too. And, I wear purple NOW, and it isn't the least becoming with
red hair, I might add.

Just so you know.

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BelovedMe said...

jus 2 inform u that i had stumbled in ya page... that was when i was bloghoppin.. by pressin next blog.. c ya redhead i supposed..

ps. im jus a blogger. gd day~