Thursday, March 23, 2017

Too much stuff

Waaay too much.  My son took a pickup load of trash to the dump yesterday, old bed, recliner with all the springs broken, ratty old rugs I didn't know they were in the attic, tons of junk.  The total cost was $12.50  I am determined to clear the attic of everything but the luggage, and maybe not even that.  We have a storage unit for keepers, but there isn't much - Christmas tree, one section of the leather couch, golf clubs (which I need to advertise), etc.  It is worth every penny. 

The worst thing about it is how many stink bugs there are in the attic.  When my son opened the overhead ladder to go up, stink bugs literally cascaded down.  And most of them were dead, but some were still wiggling.  How they do that??  Survive freezing, parboiling, no food and still be kicking?  I have a horror of them, I can't stay in the room if they are flying around, ish.  Time for an exterminator for the attic.  I can't have treatment outside where the cats are, or inside, since they mostly come from the attic. I'm thinking about getting a crew to clear, while we sort in the garage.  So much to do now that the weather has turned nice.  It has, don't you think ?  We're all finished with winter, aren't we?  Please?

My trip to the eye doctor for a checkup, yielded a new script for glasses.  I'm hoping they will eliminate that annoying tip-your-head-up-and down searching for the sharp orientation.  I even found a nice frame on line (Amazon of course) which I am sure won't be available at the optician store.  At least I have insurance which will cover a lot of the expense.  My current glasses are the same for the last 3 years, after the cataract removal. 

This is the dullest post here, maybe because it is 5 am.  I think it is time for a little humor -

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Is It really Spring?

The snow on Friday disappeared with the rain on Saturday.  I sure hope that is the last.  The daffodils are already up, if the cold didn't spoil them, and the forsythia is blooming too.

I have been on ebay, for some retail therapy, and won/bought a bunch of DMC embroidery floss, which I really don't need.  I have 200+ skeins already, and recently got a small plastic box with bobbin-wrapped floss, 69 skeins.  My original flosses (also from ebay 6 months or so ago) are sorted into floss-away bags, which is OK if you don't mind dragging the whole thing out every time you need a little, say, #310 (black).  Whereas with the bobbin system, you just open the box and voila! there it is.  But really, it is just for the fun of bidding, or jumping into "Buy it Now" before it is seen by someone else.  This recent haul is the second type, it was up for only a few hours from when it was listed, and I grabbed it.  Now comes the hard part which is waiting for it to come.  Hopefully in a few days.  Gotta love it.

I am self-debating whether to get a copy of "The Last Dance", starring Patrick Swayze.  All the reviews say that while the movie, plot and script, is a real stinker, every one says the dancing scenes are breathtaking.  This was the last movie made by Patrick before he died of cancer.  His mother had a dance studio when he was little, so he danced from the time when he was a youngster.  A few years ago, he and his wife did a performance for the Academy awards (I think) but I have not found anything on Youtube.  He was my favorite actor, although most of his movies were ho-hummers, except for Dirty Dancing which has become a cult classic of sorts.  I used to joke that I would watch film of him brushing his teeth, just for fun.  I guess I could watch Last Dance with the remote to fast forward through the story.

I finally decided to see a therapist for "grief counseling"  because I am having a tough time now.  It is nearly a year since N died, and I have been having horrible dreams where I am partly awake and in my room, and partly asleep with a nightmare.  It may be because of a change in meds, too, I see the Dr. in a few weeks.  Locally all the medical practices have had a tremendous turnover in staffing, and although my latest doctor said she won't be leaving, I take that with a grain of salt.  She is the 6th doctor I have had in the last few years, some for only 3 or 4 visits.  It is hard to maintain a coherent history when I can't remember who said what, or why they prescribed one drug or the other.  Anyway, I got a few therapist's names from my last therapist (moved away) and have whittled it down one after the other.  Either they don't accept Medicare, or are not accepting new clients, or aren't local, or have given up counseling all together.  The last one, whom I thought would be a good match, won't return my calls, after the encouraging first time.  Maybe she fell down the stairs, I don't know.

I finally got a new mouse for this computer.  The old one had taken up the disorienting  habit of moving when I wasn't holding it.  If I want that kind of motion I'll use a Ouija board!  So for a few bucks, I got a Microsoft one.  It is made in China just like the other, cheaper, ones, but at least there is a USA source for this one, if I need help.  Although what kind of help I would need for a mouse, I don't know.  The new one is very peppy, but can be adjusted if it is too peppy.  I'm still test-driving it.

Well, back to the trenches (cleaning). Today's cartoon:


Monday, March 13, 2017

Bored / boring

I am getting a small amount of followers for this blog, and I hope they aren't too disappointed in the frequency of my posts.  I try to have something reasonably interesting and not post without a subject.  Unfortunately this is one of the posts when I just meander from topic to topic.  Sorry!

The forecast for the eastern part of USA is grim.  The forecasting is usually correct in predicting if it will snow; not very good when it involves the amount of snow.  Still, the local Walmart was packed yesterday, and from the number of cars in their parking lot packed again today.  The two big items are Roll paper and milk.  Milk I can understand, you can't stockpile milk because it will spoil; but T paper?  I wanted to go and get new filters for the furnace, and a plastic storage box for my cross-stitch stash, it won't be a very large box, but I was deterred by the crowds.  As for the cross stitch patterns and such, I decided to have more than a single work in progress, for times like yesterday when I had to rip out everything I had just stitched.  Right now my stuff is overflowing a medium sized box, too shallow and the kits are slippery.  I did get to the pharmacy today, bad time to run out of necessary refills.  I take dozens of meds (slightly overestimated) and I am always out or nearly out of something.  The pharmacy staff know me on sight, sigh.

My son and I were discussing what we will do if we go out to the barn and our old old Newfoundland dog is dead.  She doesn't seem to be in any pain, just moving slowly and having trouble getting up.  Appetite is still good, and her tail wags just as hard as ever.  This is the same dog that had two ACL surgeries, and she has gotten several years since then without pain.  I know she misses her buddy who had cancer and a systemic infection, but there isn't much we can do in that area.  So the question of how to handle a dead dog weighing 120 pounds is a tough one.  Guess we will see when the time comes.  I will miss her.  We seem to be slowly reducing our critter population.  It will be strange when they are all gone.  The horses made it well into their 20s and the cats into their late teens.  I vow, no more horses, dogs, or cats.  I am too old and what would be done should they outlive me?   Anyway, I guess we will take her to the vet, they have done this before.  Unfortunately they charged $400 for the other Newfy, my jaw dropped when I got the bill.  We can't dig a hole for a dog that big, we would need a backhoe, and that isn't possible.  It isn't like we could borrow one from a neighbor.  Guess we will see for that part too.

I need to get a new mouse for this computer.  It is doing strange things, like when I am not touching it and the desk is not shaking or anything, it will scroll up or down, it is a drag when I am trying to read text.  The PC downstairs uses a trackball, which I prefer, but the mouse is cheaper by a factor of 2.  This one is so old, and was my husband's before me, it has potholes where my fingers rest on the surface. 

That is all my sleepy head can manage for today, if you are in the storm's way, stay home if at all possible.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

A Taxing Job

I am doing income taxes; I have it done for son and daughter, they were a snap.  Then I waded into my taxes and got completely bogged down with all the assorted forms to consider.  I am going to have to call one company tomorrow and see if I can figure out where they fit in, in the greater scheme of things.  Bah humbug.

We had a narrow escape with our 2015 taxes.  When I went to do this year's, I looked everywhere for last year's forms.  When we had the Flood several months ago, the boxes with all the taxes 2000 - 2015 were soaked.  Still, each year was in a plastic envelope and none of them were too wet.  What happened, tho, is that they got stuck wherever there was space and carried upstairs.  When we put things back downstairs, the boxes that held the taxes originally were a soggy mess, and so the envelopes went into another box.  Unlabeled.  When i found the box, all of them were there, EXCEPT the 2015 ones.  To make a long story short, we found them at R's office, along with a lot of office-y supplies that we gave to a third grade teacher for her classes.  No one wanted the three ring binders, and R was moving them out when she rooted around to the bottom, and there was a big plastic envelope with "Taxes 2015" written on it.  Also was a folder with credit card information, including one form that had our credit card account no., credit limit, my SSN, and the PIN on it.  Geez, talk about lucky.  Everything was untouched because the water stains on the papers had stuck them together, a little, and they were still stuck, no one had found them.  Thank my lucky stars.  I need a bigger safe deposit box, I think.  Or a bookkeeper on retainer.

The farrier came today to trim the horse's hooves, an every-8-week job.  I pay whatever he wants, because most farriers would rather do a whole stable full of horses, one after the other, than just come out for a single horse.  We did a swap, tho, he wanted our gas powered auger, and in exchange he would do the next two trims for free.  The post hole digger was just sitting in the shed gathering dust, and there is no way I will ever put another fence up.  The last time it was used was to set the mailbox out.  We put up two fences, first with locust tree posts (they rotted off in a few years) and then with pressure treated 4 x 4's set in concrete.  Those are still going strong, except for one the idiot horse has gnawed through.  Anybody want her?  She is 24 years old, stubborn as a mule, with the temperament of a Tasmanian devil, and has not been ridden in years.  I'm way too fond of my bones just the way they are, thanks.  She lives a life of leisure, fed hay year round, hay and grain twice a day, hooves done, stall cleaned, turned out in nice weather, blanketed in cold weather, wormed, vaccinated, vet to look at every little boo-boo, fans in the stall for hot weather, heated water bucket for winter time, automatic fly sprayer etc. etc.  The lady who does my nails says she wants to come to my barn to live. I had a therapist who would chide me (gently) for not riding more (when we had 3 beasts) until I pointed out the care they get for doing absolutely nothing.  Do you think she misses being ridden?