Sunday, May 28, 2017


I wrote down below that I was posting Cross stitch projects I did several years ago, because I was seeking to join several YouTube groups that are closed groups, that require evidence that you are bonafide stitchers.  I ultimately joined 4 cross stitch groups and at first all was well.  Then one of the groups had significant problems with their feed, and every time I tried to log in, I would get a "no posts to show" message.  The admins wrote that we who were effected should complain to Facebook, like they were going to jump on an intermittent problem for a few hundred users.  Only if the board caught fire, I guess.  So I daringly posted (that feature remained) a message that I was once more unable to see the posts, and that I was surprised that the admin people weren't jumping on the problem.  It was particularly aggravating that the group was a buy and sell one, and if a deal was halfway completed, there was no way to get on the group to finalize it.  I was trying to sell a set of patterns, and couldn't find out if anyone was interested or had questions.  Well I got a lot of comments from people who were having the same problem; and then I got a message from one of the admins. saying "how could you?" and that they were working (how?) on a solution (for weeks?) and that I should go on ignoring their group.  That is a solution?  And I no more read their message when they struck me off the group and erased all comments and messages that I was even slightly involved in. So don't give your members a chance to reply if they could.  Fortunately there is another group for buying/selling that works just fine.  I posted my "for sale" items there and all is well.  Apparently booting people off the other group is pretty common for that group, and my alternative group reciprocated by blocking that admin from"their" group.  Such a lot of hoopla over a simple thing.

It is 4 am here now and my eyelids are sagging, so I am back to bed.  More tomorrow on better topics. 

We have been having a plumbing problem (wouldn't you know it?) in the kitchen.  The sprayer was leaking all down into the cabinet below whenever the water was turned on.  When we traced it down there is a leak in the handle of the sprayer, and my first thought was "plumber".  But C said he could fix it, and off to Lowes he went.  Turned out the hook-up for the sprayer is a proprietary one, and we ordered one from (who else?) Amazon.  It is supposed to be delivered today (Sunday) by the USPS. Meanwhile, the water in the kitchen is only from the sprayer hose, laying in the sink.  Better than nothing.  I am beginning to feel snake-bit with all these little calamities.  The current weather for today is flash flood warnings and torrential rainfall from now until 10 pm.  C went down and put the sand bags back inside the garage door (where the floor is not level enough for the door to seal) and around the back door, just in case.  No sign of a storm yet.  Hope we don't lose any trees.  Or if they fall, please let them fall away from the house.

The cat we call Stripey is not doing well, despite a brief rally when we started giving him his own plate.  He is ferociously eating but getting thinner and thinner, and I am afraid he is hyperthyroid, due to a tumor on his pituitary or on his hypothalamus.  But if so, there is little we can do for a semi-feral cat who would need surgery and medication daily for the rest of his life.  When we first lured him into a cat carrier would be the last time we would see him, I fear.  And the expense...  always have to think about that.  It is sad.

Geez, this post is full of bad tidings, guess I had best stop now.  Today's cartoon:


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