Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's day

Yum!  I got three hearts filled with candy, and 3 Dozen roses (red, yellow and pink) And they are very fresh and have some fragrance. The cats have been very well behaved and leave the roses alone.  I have given up trying to get Family Tree Maker to work on the MacBook Air, I am not sure why it doesn't work; it is the way I set up FTM on the MacBook all those years ago, but not currently.  I can't run the FTM for MAC, because the version of the OS (El Capitan) is not functional, the blurbs on the box notwithstanding. And the partition for Windows seems to come and go.  Ah well, not a terrible crisis.

We got 8 inches of snow last week, I am so tired of winter.  I haven't been out of the house since my doctor's appointment last Monday.  Partly it is due to the ice on the driveway, and partly due to my nerves once we are underway.  If you try and leave space between yourself and the car ahead of you, another car will zip past us and get between in the "buffer" space.  I've got 4 wheel drive, and snow tires, so I can zoom along as if there were dry pavement, right?  Mutter mutter.

Old barn + old horse
Tonight the temp was 2 degrees, and I want to see that end too.  I love love the heated tack room in the barn, so the water is still liquid, and the hose works too.  Back when we had the old barn, we had to haul buckets of water from the bathroom.  Sometimes we had to fill each one twice, because they would drink the first bucket dry immediately.  And the stalls were open at the front, brrrr.  The new barn is pretty good looking, even from the road.

new barn

Time for bed again.
Bumper sticker:  "The last time I reached for the stars I pulled a muscle"

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