Monday, October 19, 2015

Falling leaves and me

Yes, I fell again, this time in the house.  I was walking around the end of the couch when I stumbled and then wheee, going down.  I managed to (sort of) land on the couch, because the alternative was tumbling down the flight of stairs.  I'm very wary of the stairs, especially if I am carrying something and cannot grip the banister..  I understand  my elders saying, "youth is wasted on the young".  I now have a lovely blue-black-green batch of bruises. 

I now have I clear desktop, I could not believe how much paperwork had accumulated.  And the attic!!  Our new years resolution (in October) is put NOTHING in the attic, but bring everything down over a  period of time, sort out what is worth keeping and take it to a storage rental place.  Leave the attic empty.  If we cannot manage some of what is up there, hire a hauler to take it away.  I know there is a crib, baby chair, etc., that will have to be pitched because they don't meet new (25+ years) safety regs.  And there are tons of textbooks (might need them someday!) as well as fiction, old yearbooks, etc.  I swear they pop up in there, dark and undisturbed.

Daughter and I cruelly pinned down the long-haired cat today and clipped  a fair amount of her hair off.  Not really cruel, we sedated her (vet supplied), but she never really got sleepy enough to do her stomach.  She now hates us, at least for long enough to forget her indignity.  And she looks ridiculous.  But for the most part mat-less.

Quote for the day:  "Someday your prince will come.  Mine took a wrong turn, got lost and won't ask for directions."

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