Sunday, April 05, 2015

Test results

I saw my GP doctor last week, and he found some worrisome lab results when he did his routine tests.  I am on antibiotics (which make me feel crappy) and will return on Friday.  I hate waiting like this, it leaves my imagination too much time to churn out nightmares, fueled by all the stuff on the internet.  It could be just an erroneous lab result, I worked as a medical technologist for several years, and I know there are scads of errors made, even with the most OCD of techs.  I will try to be unperturbed until I know more.  Update: The doctor switched me to another antibiotic (which is very very bitter, I might add) and took blood for further analysis.  Still a puzzle to figure out, but not too serious.

It is a beautiful day today, Easter Sunday.  Even though we don't celebrate it, I think it makes a nice boundary between winter and spring (which was its origin, until it was co-opted by the Christians; they didn't approve of the fertility rites).  It may snow later this week, but it won't amount to much, it is far too warm.  All the stores are loaded with candy and baskets and easter grass, thank god my kids are well past that age.  They went to a Catholic elementary school, which was academically great and a little too holier-than-thou about religious training.  They knew our kids were not Catholic (we paid twice the tuition because the parish didn't subsidize it), but there wasn't any overt catechism training, and not much preaching either.  But the Easter celebrations were a little too fixated on crucifixion and rising from the dead, a little macabre for a young child, when you look at it. Just my point of view, as a heathen.

The dogs are once again barking and barking, we go out to check things out (after the raccoon affair several posts back) and there is nothing.  One dog is lying in the sunshine and barking at the sky, what is with that?  Low flying birds?  UFOs?  I dunno.

Bumper sticker for the day, "Chocolate comes from Cocoa which is a tree.  That makes it a Plant.  CHOCOLATE is SALAD!"

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