Friday, January 30, 2015


Do I look older?  I thought so.

Birthday gifts included a gift card from DH for ebay.  I am finding it interesting, the items I am considering ~ since I am not spending "my" money on it.  Of course, it is all the same money, really, but I am enjoying picking and choosing.  All yarn so far, of course.  There is a topic on the knitting board about how a yarn stash is organized.  Mine is, plastic tubs, newest on top.  No other criteria, so if I want, say, bulky yarn, I must go through   a lot of bins to find it.  But that is OK with me, part of the reason I buy what I do is the feel of it, fuzzy or silky or whatever.

The temp outside today is 17 so far today, but there is a little blue sky trying to get through with a bit of sunshine.  I am in favor.  I think tomorrow is predicted to be warmer, we shall see.

My laptop MacBook has a shiny new battery, the old one just would not hold a charge more than 2 hours.  I think I have replaced it once already, but after all, the thing is 10 years old.  I upgraded the OS too, so it is running more smoothly and faster as well.    I could retreat to the desktop downstairs, but after a while I get claustrophobic down there, it is a tiny little room.  I would get a new MacBook if I could justify spending $1000+ for a shiny toy.

Bumper sticker for the day:  "My exercise routine consists of doing Diddly Squats."

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Dina said...

Happy belated birthday!