Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dec. 20th

Whew!  The entire house smells like cinnamon spice, thanks to a candle downstairs.  It is a little strong, but not a bad scent.

I'm going to go to our Gabe's, a discount store that belongs to TJ Maxx.  I have a $5 coupon that is burning a hole in my pocket, and whatever I get will NOT be for a Christmas present.  Just to shop around, check out bargains, etc.  I am betting there will be crowds there, we will see.  They have revamped the store after its purchase by TJ Maxx, and one of the things they did was make the checkout area into a single line, and then each person goes to the next available checker, like the banks have always done.  It is much more efficient, and I love not getting stuck behind someone with dozens of items and waiting for a price check.  Completely ruins the shopping experience, I think.

We got our first (and maybe only) Christmas card, from my sister in law.  The card was one from Natl. Wildlife Federation and the reason I know that is that I have the same cards.  I nearly sent the same one to her, but in the end I sent one of the ones (see Dec. 14th) that has Santa, since she has a 3 year old great-grandson she is raising.  He is a handful, I think, and I bet there is much Christmas mayhem at her house on the big day.

We are predicted to have a white Christmas this year, for the first time in a lot of years.  It does make the Christmas lights look particularly festive.  For us, who stay home, the travel is not a consideration, we can just enjoy it without worrying about the roads.

Here is today's card:

Inside it says:  "Wishing you happiness for Christmas and all the year."

And today's bumper sticker:  "It's OK if you disagree with me.  I can't force you to be right."

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