Sunday, January 26, 2014

bored bored bored

Being cooped up at home for 3 days is giving me cabin fever.  The roads are horrible here and they haven't been touched since the snowfall last week, so yesterday's snowfall just covered tracks left from before the storm.  We, husband and I, don't have to go out, but the kids have jobs to go to, and I really worry about the drive there.  Our road is basically one car wide, so if you meet anyone coming or going, one of you has to get in a driveway or the ditch.  Part of it is a steep drop-off over the side.  I hate even thinking about it.

I've finished the knitting projects I've been doing, but can't make up my mind what to tackle next.  I use a knitting machine, which whips through yarn in a heartbeat, so if I use it, I have to be sure I have enough yarn to finish.  Unfortunately I don't have enough experience to estimate yarn quantities, so I just go with whatever I have the most of.  Even more important is not to run off the end of the skein, because moving the carriage without having yarn fed into it, causes all the stitches to fall off the needles, which puts "finito" on the work.  So I have to keep track of the skein and go slowly if I am near the end; I can only tie on a new skein when the carriage is at either side and not in the middle of a row.

Now that you know way more than you wanted about knitting, I'll change the subject.

I have decided to stop going to the psychotherapist for the time being.  I am running into problems making the appointments, between other appointments and the weather.  And I miss my therapist of 10 years who moved away, and I just don't seem to click with this one.  Not her fault, but it's hard to talk with an utter stranger about family problems, and my problems; my other therapist just got the story about all this a little at a time as it unfolded.  Now there is too much water under the bridge to lay out everything from scratch, if I may mix my metaphors.  I have much the same problems with my primary care doctor. I had the same one for 15 + years, who passed.  The next one I picked retired; and the one he recommended moved out of the area.  So doctor #4 seems nice and can hopefully keep all the balls in the air from all my specialists. 

I decided to start taking Social Security beginning in February.  The benefit of waiting until I am 66 to get the full amount is offset in that it will take 10 years at the higher level to make up for the 3 years of no benefits.  But with typical government finesse, I got one message to bring in my birth certificate (I wrote about that in my last post), and then got a phone call where I went over my application on the phone and was told it would processed within the next two weeks, and no further action for me to do. Go figure.

I don't know when the horses will be able to get out of the barn, with the footing bad from the snow and the likelihood that they will get sweaty and then chilled in their heavy blankets.  Their stalls are a mess, but not soggy under foot thanks to the mats which drain away liquid.  That and their heated water buckets so they don't have to drink immediately after the buckets are filled or go thirsty when they ice over.  I hate to think how we would have coped in the old, open sided barn,  with the temps here below zero at night.  One of the best investments we have made.

And the outdoor cats are literally wrapped around the oil-filled space heater in the garage, staying warm.  It is not really warm there, but we have had electrical problems with the older heaters.  We don't want to burn the house down to keep the cats toasty.  We went to Lowe's to get a new space heater, and there were none.  Zero.  Zip.  Any size, any brand.  Nada.  So they will have to make do with what there is, as we can't bring 3 outdoor cats into the house with the 6 already here.  WWIII.

Bumper sticker for the day:  "OMG!  My mother was right about everything!"

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