Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Breaking news: Puxsutawny Phil fired!

Once again old man winter paid us a call, dropping 6 inches overnight on Sunday.    Today it is 39 and the snow is beating a retreat, hopefully for the season.  It's spring, dammit!

DH is off today doing his civic duty (jury duty).  Hope it is nothing too lengthy, here trials are usually only one day.  I have been on jury duty several times over the years, although some of the trials were boring in the extreme.  I discovered that 10 jurors will vote for conviction, and 2 will vote for lunch.  The last one I was on, I said, does anyone think this guy is innocent?  And there was a pause, and no one spoke a word.  He was accused of forging his mother's signature and selling his mother's house while she was in a nursing home, and using the money to buy a bar.  Not the brightest of the bright.  The man who bought the house was particularly steamed.

The week after next I see the oncologist for a check-up.  Outwardly I am composed and inwardly I'm anxious and dreading it.  I don't know what he's actually looking for, I just had a mammogram and all was clear; I can only assume it is for the blood work, to make sure my liver is up to the mark.  I could, of course, ask, but am afraid of getting an answer I don't want to hear.  How weird is that?   No logic for cancer survivors.

My very best friend is coping with a diagnosis that is more critical than mine (hello S) and it is hard to be on this side of the of the equation.  I'm sending out Hugs and thoughts of wellness every day, and if worry would fix everything then she would be mended right now.  If only tears were at least good for the complexion...

The horses are being especially obnoxious these days.  Maybe (the mare) bit DH a few days ago, and Willie kicked #1 son in the butt.  They have been cooped up in the barn until the footing outside is not slippery and gooshy; they will surely kick and run all around when they get out, and these senior citizens do not need to slip and fall.  A little discipline  would make a miraculous improvement in their behavior, like lunging, but the footing is too poor for that as well.  This winter has been a long one, with few nice days at any time.

 That is it for now, I will try to keep up with this blog a little better.  It is hard, when the every day is like the previous ones...

Bumper sticker for the day:  "Wrinkled was not of the things I wanted to be when I grew up"

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