Friday, March 29, 2013

Nothing new, thanks.

Both the desktop PC and the Apple Macbook are giving me fits these last few weeks.  Both of them have gotten so slow, I'm nearly covered in spider webs waiting for a connection.  This is the desktop, and up until yesterday it refused to even connect at all.  DH went online with the error message and found a downloadable fix; all I had to do was figure out how to get it when I can't connect.  Finally succeeded.  It reminded me of the braille instructions on the ATM in the drive-up lane.  A puzzle.

The jury duty for DH is dragging on and on, and he is peeved.  Today would have been day 4, but one of the attorneys was in the ER today, so no court.  The immediate thought was, "ambulance chaser"  but that is unfair (I guess) since even lawyers can get sick just like real people do.  So next week the jurors have to come back, luckily on Tuesday since I rescheduled my therapist to Monday.  Again.  I hate to drive at all, but her office is especially difficult to get in and get out.  In my opinion.

We put up a squirrel feeder and a bird feeder on the weekend, and so far have had to fill the birdfeeder twice.  And yet we never see more than one or maybe two birds on it at a time.  *Somebody* is eating all that seed, and where are the squirrels?  I think we need to move the squirrel feeder over near the tree.  I know some people go to great lengths to protect their birdfeeders from squirrels, but we enjoy watching them and their antics.  We have 3, I think, in a group.  When I worked, I always parked in the same spot and the tree in front of the car shaded the car (a + in the summer) and made a home for a friendly squirrel.  I brought nuts to it (mostly peanuts) and it would come to the base of the tree waiting for them, but never too close.  Eventually it came no more, but it was a bit of sunshine for several years.

Bumper sticker for the day:  "Don't rush me!  I'm waiting for the last minute."

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SkippyMom said...

I chuckle everytime I come over to visit you and read your header. "Better living through denial" just makes me smile. :)

It's always nice to see you - and I am glad you are doing well. I am with you - I hate to drive to some of my appointments, even in Oscarz, but it's nice we have our guys to go with us. Jury duty stinks, but hopefully [and I promise to say a prayer] it's over soon. Everytime I did it the trials were relatively short. Then again nothing exciting ever happens in our sleepy little 'burg. I was on two juries - one was a property dispute[YAWN] and the other was a DUI/resisting arrest. Poor girl went away for a bit on that conviction.

And we have our own squirrel posse here too! It is led by "Mr. Bucky" who has been around for 8 years. We are pretty sure we are on Mr. Bucky version 3.0 by now, but whoever he is he hangs on our back porch from March through November, teasing the dog and eating whatever I toss out the back door. And he'll eat anything, but probably crackers and cashews are his favorite. The squirrels that used to hang out at my folks' house would get tired of waiting for them to toss out peanuts, onto the back deck, so they took to opening the screen door, climbing on the kitchen counter and helping themselves. It was really funny until it freaked my Mom out and we had to stop feeding them. I wouldn't mind it here, but we do have Spot, and although she is a big scaredy dog, they wouldn't dream of coming in the back door.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Rest up and get great news next week.

Love always, Skip!