Thursday, February 02, 2012

The above two boxes were for my birthday last week. The one on the right is a music box, and the inserted photo on the lid is a Carol Grigg watercolor from a notecard. The one on the left, the round one, has an insert of pressed flowers, from an old letter. They were gifts from husband and son. Daughter R gave me a yummy candle, maple cream, it makes me hungry just to open the jar!

This is just a note here too, it has been so long since I posted. I had my "re-incision" and all is well. I finally got my hair back to its proper color (4 times dyed) but it is still extremely curly and I think it looks dumb, although everyone says they like it. I had it cut to at least give it some sort of shape, but it will be a while before I am brave enough to post a photo here. Mostly what I have been doing every day is napping. The psych doctor is changing some of my meds around and although I sleep better at night, I'm too sleepy during the day. I don't think we've got the mix just right.

The weather here has been very weird, the forecasters are calling this the year without a winter. We have had so much warm weather that the crocuses are up (tho not blooming yet) and the trees are in bud. On the first of February! This month is usually the one with the most snowfall, but with temps in the 40s and 50s every day, I don't think we will have anything but rain.

I'll leave you all with this bumper sticker : "Save the planet! It's the only place I can get chocolate!"

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SkippyMom said...

I am glad you are doing better, but being sleepy stinks. I hate not being able to get a good 8 hours sleep. I am so useless.

I am so sorry I missed your birthday, but please have a happy belated birthday! Your gifts are lovely and such thought behind each one. [My favorite kind of gifts.]

Now please, please post of pic' of you curly hair. :D I am so curious. When my hair fell out the first time everyone said not to worry that it would grow back thicker and more luxurious. I had extremely fine/thin hair. And? No such luck. I STILL have fine/thin hair. Ah well. . .At least I have hair. heehee

Enjoy your weekend. Always nice to see you.