Saturday, August 06, 2011


Just a little silliness to pass along.

It's 2:45 am here, and I am battling nausea every time I try to lie down. So, sitting up. I can hardly keep my eyes open.

I've been poking around in my stuff here in the computer room (closet) and have found neat stuff, lots and lots of memo pads with different artwork. Also, some older games (which are not compatible with WinXP, never mind Win7), maybe they will be worth something some day? They've hardly been out of the box. Let's see... Oh, I found some money ($35), it's mine now by crikey. Found my long-lost stapler, and my Garfield eraser. Special stuff, you know?

Last week N, C and I spent 3 hours on the dogs' coats. The black and white Newfy just needed raking to remove the dangling bits, but oh, what a mess the black one was. She has a 'cotton coat' that mats really easily, and being a barn dog, has tons of sticker bushes and twigs to give her the complete Rasta look. Her we have to clip to the skin. I have 3 pairs of clippers, and we needed them all. I wrote about this last year here, it's not like this is a big surprise, but each time we do it, I think longingly of a lab with a short coat.

I also cleaned out the garage last weekend, it took forever for it to dry, it was so humid. But it looks and smells better, got all the recycling done, while N mowed and trimmed. You know, I have another guilty pleasure -- driving through a neighborhood and staring into people's open garage doors. Man, I thought we had a lot of junk. At least we use my garage to park my car:

Granted, a Miata is a small car, but still.

I feel good about these little efforts, after so long of having no energy to spare. I still have to sit down while I'm working at tasks like defrosting the freezer, or doing laundry, but then I catch my breath and go on. I know if I constantly do things only in my comfort zone, that zone will get smaller and smaller. Better to push on, as I can.

I think I'll try going to bed again, so I'll leave you with this bumper sticker: "I could do so much more if I only had minions."


Dina said...


I'm sorry you're feeling nauseated. I hope that passes. I hate feeling sick to my stomach. I can't imagine having to deal with it on a regular basis.

That's funny about looking into people's garages. We had a good view of our neighbor's garage from our window. It was a shocking mess. I'm not sure that ours is much better, but at least we can fit our cars into it.

It's good that you're able to get some work done. It sounds like you're pacing yourself, which is smart.

As for old computer games...who knows. Technology is advancing so fast. So much stuff becomes obsolete. But maybe in the future people will become nostalgic and want these old games.

Lucky Lady said...

I hope you feel better today, try to think postive and I know it is hard sometimes when I can't sleep I see myself walking on the beach in a pair of blue knee pants and a white shirt, barefoot of course in the sand with the waves coming in, nest thing I know it is morning and time to get up, find your peace place and keep trying until you can get there and relax LUCKY LADY

SkippyMom said...

Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well, but NICE finds in the computer room, especially the $35! heehee

You sure are getting a lot done. Very admirable - I don't know how you do it, but I am impressed. You motivate me.

I hope you are feeling less nauseous soon. Take care.

Joshua Xalpharis said...

Was it a Boston Swingline stapler?


$35..I'm going through my crap NOW lol

other peoples garages,yes I love looking at other peoples junk too, makes me feel better about mine lol

argh you make me feel so lazy, I know exactly what you mean by the comfort zone and its so hard to get back to doing more,the less Ido the less I want to do,such an effort and yet I should be doing stuff. I am in the midst of cleaning out the kitchen cupboards. its a start ...