Thursday, August 25, 2011

All is well.

The result of the PET/CT imaging is back and everything is OK! WHEEE! I love that they called me so quickly, the waiting is the worst. Thank all of you for your kind thoughts and prayers. I see the oncologist next week, and then every three weeks thereafter, but at this point in time, there are no tumors or growths anywhere. I will still receive the antibody Herceptin for a year total, and thank you Uncle Sam for the Federal employee BC/BS insurance, we couldn't do this without it.

And thank you, S, for the yummy cheesecakes, I'm ready to celebrate with it. I'd also been ready to commiserate if necessary with cheesecake; it's the all occasion dessert, but celebrating is the best.

The photo is one from the Web, but the apparatus looks just like the one I was in, head first, for 20+ minutes while laying perfectly still. With your arms over your head, and your head braced in position. After receiving radioactive glucose and a contrast media, IV. All in all, though, not really that bad. I'm just glad it is over, and all is fine. And did I thank all of you??

Bumper sticker of the day: "If I must die, let it be Death by Chocolate."


Dina said...

That's wonderful! I'm so happy to hear good news!!!!!

Thank you for sharing your life with us, and I look forward to hearing much more : )

SkippyMom said...

:skippyhappydance: YIPPEE! I am so happy for you! YAY! This is the best news. Thank you so much for updating us and sending a great big hug your way! YAY!


Balki Bartokomous always did the Dance of Joy with coosin Larry (Perfect strangers) THAT IS ME TOO......


I am so glad they didn't make you wait too long.

Now the road to recovery from the battering of meds.

Ohh am so happy and relieved for you :)