Sunday, February 13, 2011

Well well well

This last week has left me feeling like I've taken one too many rides on the roller coaster of life. Wednesday I went to the doctor for my follow-up visit after last week's regular yearly mammogram. He scheduled me for a biopsy on Thursday, and on Saturday, yesterday, he called with the result.

I have breast cancer.

I don't know what he actually said to me. It went like this: blah blah blah cancer blah blah early stage blah blah treatment plan.

So now here I sit, 4 am, and everything circles around and leads me back to that phone call. I've tried to find information online on diagnosis, treatment, side effects and on and on, but all of it fails to penetrate the fog in my brain. As an example, I want to book a cruise to Hawaii for next March, a deluxe cruise with all the bells and whistles, but then I think, better wait; maybe I won't be able to travel then. I am determined to go, I may not have the $$ to do this later, but then, maybe I should...etc. etc.

I can't even focus enough to write here.

Bumper sticker: "40% of all statistics are made up on the spot."

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I'm only new to your blog.I've been lurking for a little while.
I was shocked to see your post.I know you'll still be in the hearing blaha blah white noise for a little while yet. Because of this when you do see the Dr or clinic etc, ask them to write down what they have told you. Ask for specifics, if you go googling before that ,you will get confused and downheartened . My sister in law is coming up for 10 years post diagnosis, she did not lose her breast, one of the lucky ones? maybe, yes, but she still had a lot of treatments.
I wish you all the best. think positive and get some sleeping tabs if you need them.((hug))) from a stranger across the pond.