Saturday, February 19, 2011

Come Monday

I am to have a mastectomy on Monday morning (today is Saturday). So far the doctor doesn't think I will need chemo or radiation because he feels the cancer is confined to the one breast, but it will also depend on the surgery too. He tells me it is a fast growing aggressive tumor, hence the mastectomy and not a lumpectomy. The kind commenter on the last post is right about needing to take notes; and write down my questions too. The internet information is overwhelming and not all that helpful. I made the grave error (see the "grave" part, a little black humor here) of looking at photos of the "after" of the surgery, I'm pretty sure the full length mirror in the bathroom, just outside the shower, is going to be going bye bye.

Trying to keep busy today and tomorrow with housework, laundry, etc. to make the time go faster. Five thirty Monday morning seems like an eternity away.

Bumper sticker: "Some days you're the windshield... other days you're the bug."



wow,so fast, you really haven't had time to digest anything.I can only imagine your whirl wind of emotions. Take everything in bite size pieces and deal with each as you go.
I wish you the very best on Monday.I will be thinking of you from across the pond.


Hi Redhead you are now post op hope everything has gone as planned for you and no more surprises.

take care and best wishes.

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