Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Furry daze

I have a fur coat that I bought on ebay around 5 years ago. Yes yes I know, furs aren't pc. But this fur originated in the 50s I think, and it is not likely to cause jealousy in a viewer (to own one themselves) since I have only worn it once, to the grocery store and didn't I get some looks. Anyway, here am I with a coat I never wear, so I looked online and found a place that buys old furs. I also found links to sites that will let you transform your fur coat into a teddy bear, or a fur throw, but doing that only changes the place I would have to store it. You know, cats and all. So the sale is the way to go if possible. I needed to send along a photo of the coat, front, back, and under the lining, which I did. Now I wait for a response. If the buying site approves, I'll send the coat off for an actual bid. So, I got the coat out of storage, and oh, I remember why I love furs, it felt so luxurious, and so soft, like a horse"s nose (??). I wanted to wrap it around me and snuggle in front of the fireplace. Wrapping would be my only choice, since it is now too small to wear! Here is a photo of it:

The photo doesn't do it justice.

I'll update the information when I know more.

Does anyone know what kind of tropical fish would be good to add to a tank with large gouramis and a huge pleco? All the ones at the shops are so small, in this 35 gallon tank, I'm afraid they will be eaten by th grummys. Here is a photo of two of the fish I have:

Don't they look cute?

Oh, in addition to being fairly large, I'd like it if I don't have to mortgage the house to afford them Has anyone used the online places that ship fish?

It is currently 2 am so I'm off to sleep I hope.

Bumper sticker of the day: "I'll try to be nicer if you'll try to be smarter"

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