Monday, August 23, 2010

Equal opportunity

I can never think of a good title for the post post, so I'm going with random phrases now. Just so you know.

I recently read a nifty post from Hyperbole and a half in which she talks about how dumb her dog is. She details several exercises to determine how smart your dog is. Or isn't. So I tried them on Raven yesterday, and here are the results:

1.) Wait until your dog is otherwise occupied, and call out random words in the same voice as you call its name. It should ignore you; then you call its actual name, and it should respond. Result: Ignored all words AND name, paid attention only when treat bag is crinkled.

2.) Place blanket over dog and see how long it takes to get out. Result: Began shredding blanket, causing me to remove same. Blanket now smells bad.

3.) While dog watches, place treat under an inverted cup and see if dog can figure out how to get to the treat (i.e., knock cup over). Result: Ignored cup in favor of going directly to treat bag.

Conclusion: The dog is smarter than the guy who invented these tests. And me too.

Bumper sticker of the day: "I like naps"

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MtnGrl said...

HAH! Smart pooch.