Sunday, April 20, 2008

Times past

I've been doing some reading and some random photo browsing, and it has led me to a topic familiar to all moms; bragging on our kids. My goal is to relate to you here little snippets that I remember from their childhoods, things that may be forgotten for all time as I get older. I promise to keep to a minimum of cuteness.

Our daughter Rachel and our son Christopher were born one year and nine days apart, which was rather like having all the work of twins, without all the free diapers and discount coupons. Anyway, this story occurred when Chris was around three, riding in the car on the way home. Traffic was, as usual, bad. ( I wonder why they call it RUSH hour, don't you?) The husband has always found relief from dealing with brainless drivers by turning the air blue with invective inside OUR car where the only one listening would really rather not. So a few days before, husband and I talked about cleaning up the language when the kids are in earshot. You know, (try to) set a good example. So on this particular journey home, an idiot driver in the right turn lane beside us at a red light, floors it when the green comes, and whips his car in front of us, cutting us off. Husband takes a breath, then lets it out with a muffled Sheesh!. Then from the back seat comes a clear sweet little voice that says "Stupid bastard". Muffled snorts from the front seat, til we could get settled and tell him that those were "big people words" that must not be used by kids.

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