Thursday, March 20, 2008

Monitor my blood pressure

Today I began doing the kids' tax returns, using Turbo Tax. I got stuck with Rachel's, because Ms. Pack Rack's habits do not apparently extend to keeping mail that says "Important federal tax information, do not discard!" on the envelope. No 1098-E for her student loan interest payments,so a slight delay until a duplicate can be mailed. Then I will begin on our taxes, which are a pain to collect all the charitable donations, and all the medical payments. Such a pain.

Right in the middle of it, the flat screen monitor died. Piece of junk. I write this on my trusty MacBook.

Also it has been pouring all day,and I am beginning to feel, well, moldy.

Friday we are driving to New Kensington to see Suzanne again. If the weather will cooperate, it will be a good drive in the new Lincoln. Or, it will be pissing down and I will be a frazzled wreck, strung out on Xanax to keep from tearing my face to tatters, and my nails to snaggly crusts.

Ah well, spring soon.....

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