Friday, January 21, 2005

Blog Explosion fan

I have recently (this last week) signed up on Blog Explosion to increase traffic here. Much to my surprise, it works! If you're reading this, I guess you know this, since all of my hits have come from Blog Explosion.
But as a side to this, I find that reading blogs is an insidiously addictive habit. It's like eavesdropping on conversations in public places, except you get the whole story instead of just snippets.
I remember riding on BART one time in SF, and sitting behind two women discussing a mutual friend and her trials and tribulations. My eyes were popping when something they said revealed the truth--they were talking about a soap opera. Whew!
Anyway, blogs come in all shapes and sizes and as I'm clicking through, I find that what catches my attention and what causes me to wait impatiently for the GO to appear is pretty consistent.
I click past all the religious ones, anything that starts with a bible verse. It's like listening to people critique stories about the easter bunny--too much fantasy for me (just my opinion!).
I click past most of the political ones, the deep division in this country after the elections is really disturbing no matter who you voted for. The opinions expressed by foreigners about our election are interesting, tho. Yes, 50,000,000 people can be that dumb.
I click past any blogs that deal with how much they drank, who they threw up on, what the other people were wearing at the party, you know the type. I'm not offended, just bored. I don't know why drunks think they are so entertaining.
I give the music review sites a quick scan, but I'm so ignorant of the modern music scene that I don't know enough to understand them.
I really like the ones with photos, not "art" photos, just the random snapshots of people's lives.
I really like the blogs from the UK and Australia folks, their slang sounds so new, and their lives so different from mine. Some of the blogs from other countries are readable too, if the English isn't too fractured. Some of the American sites suffer from bad grammar, spelling, and that annoying habit of sprinkling ''''' everywhere, possessive or contractions notwithstanding, and that makes them tough to read, I feel the need to pick up my red pencil and correct them, and it's so hard on the screen! I personally re-read my posts and edit them if I catch new typos, I think it's the least one can do.
I mostly read the "diary" type entries from women and men to whom I can relate: mothers and fathers with kids (well, duh), family life, job woes, pets, chores, and so on. I'd read a post on what happened when the deliveryman came anytime rather than an expose on some Survivor episode.
I blogmark any likely site and come back to read more when I am not surfing the blogsphere. Some of them are definitely worth a second look.
So leave me a comment if you feel moved, and I will try to do the same. This is so cool.

Addendum: I am amazed and thrilled at the way my site counter is climbing up there--Not a huge number, but plenty for me to feel good about. And real live people are leaving me comments, some of them quite complimentary. Woohoo! My birthday is tomorrow and this is an un-looked for present. I'm on my way to check out their blogs in turn.


Mandy said...

Hi! I came though on BE and thought I would say hello!

dolphin said...

You should try BlogClicker too. It works just like Blog Explosion. The really great thing is you can use Blog Explosion and BlogClicker at the same time (in different windows or tabs) and earn double the credits! Check it out.

Anonymous said...

One thing about blog explosion is you can never excape the Knitting blogs, Animal Blogs, or the Links R Us blogs. Im not knocking them because everyone has there thing. Its just 30 seconds can seem like a life time sometimes!

maria said...

Welcome to Blog Explosion
and enjoy surfing all those
great blogs.

Carolyn said...

Hi, from one red(ish)haired West Virginia lady to another! How are you? I'm freezing my buns off down here in the southern WV area!

You're invited to visit my blog, although I warn ya, I do post a little rant now & then on politics, not often. Mostly my stories, poems, & thoughts/observations on everyday living + some recipies. My URL is

Come on over anytime. Let me know if you'd like to link and I'll add you on :)
The Ginger Quill

Anonymous said...

Given your opinion on certain blogs, you'd probably like mine! ;^) I agree with most of what you said.

Anonymous said...

that's the fun part of BE and get to read so many blogs from people who are so diverse :)

sapere aude said...

BE and BC work very well. I too enjoy blogs that express a person's perspective in a unique way. I got carried away with political articles for a bit, but am back on track. Thank goodness! Glad you're having fun, cause, so am I. *s*

Corsarius said...

hi there! yup, i share the same thoughts with you. BE opens new doors to the blogosphere, just as one opened for me to a certain blog...yours.

if you have the time, drop my blog a visit... Cheers! :)

Ant said...

Popped in from BE. I feel the same about surfing blogs. I have one of those music scene sites you mentioned. Most of the political sites are US sites. So I skim those too.

Diva said...

I found you through BE too. It sounds like you and I appreciate (and dislike) the same types of blogs. Yours is a good read!

Sue said...

Found you through BlogExplosion as well, and I have to agree with you. It's a great way to sort of over-listen to other people's conversations, in a way, and sort of connect a little bit. I tend to gloss over the same ones you do...I want to hear the life stories, the good or bad, but just ordinary people and how they get through this journey. It's amazing some of the thoughts you can come across that help you see a different perspective!

8o8gnsurfing said...

I hit your Website on BlogExplosion also. I usually surf thru, but some articles are interesting and perks my interest and I check it out..anyways happy blogging :)

opforsoldier said...

I use both blogexplosion and blogclicker and have seen a HUGE increase in both unique IP's as well as page hits. I have shot up close to 3K unique IP's a day between the 2. Of course I also spend a ton of time surfing for other sites to see what is out there.

Melinda said...

Hi, I'm Melinda, and I'm a Blog Explosion addict ... Great to find you!

Tammy said...

I ran across your blog using BE, and just had to say that I totally relate to how very addicting blogging (and reading other blogs) is. I've enjoyed looking around at yours and will be back!

Anonymous said...

Surfed in via BE :D So I thought I'd stop and say hi. BE and BlogClicker that several folk have mentioned is very, very addictive LOL, hubby wonders if he needs to send me into rehab I'm reading so many blogs with them.

Jean C
Jean's Cat House and Shooting Society

Sapphire's Soul said...

Hi there! I love your blog and have 'blogmarked' you with blog explosion. Your posts have a familiar tone to them. Come visit me at 'Existence is Futile'.

Marc said...

Blogexplosion has been nice. You gotta love the music sites.